Shipping addon : Matrix Shipping

Custom Shipping rates using Matrix shipping spreadsheet with multiple shipping options


You want to send your products around the country and abroad. In the UK most addresses can be shipped to at the same cost, but as products start to get heavier that's not true. The islands cost more and some of the Scottish highlands. You can't depend on your customer selecting Scottish Highlands rather than Scottish mainland when they're living in a remote area of the country. They'll always try to get the cheapest delivery cost.

We have developed a shipping module which is easy to install for LoadedCommerce (and for OSCommerce). If your customer is in the UK (country 222), the postcode is used to look up if it is on an island or Scottish highlands and will look up the price based on weight (or price) and can return multiple courier options. Other destinations can be Country specific or Country Zone-code specific. The complexity is controlled by using an Excel spreadsheet and if you need to make changes, it's not daunting.

Loaded7 Matrix Shipping Install
Loaded7 Matrix Shipping Config


Just download the ZIP file and use FTP to put the extracted folder under the "addons" folder in your LoadedCommerce (L7) website. The website needs the normal requirements for running Loaded7 plus the PHP mcrypt extension (present with most installs).
Note: This software is not for CRELoaded 6.x or OSCommerce


The latest version is 2.0.1

The addon has been tested with Loaded CORE version andLoaded Pro

If the software is updated, you will get an email (to your paypal email address) about the update.

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