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Mailchimp with Analytics 360 : Connect your website with the Mailchimp Newsletter Service. Free 60 days trial then $49.99 USD with easy PayPal purchase. Export your customer data and see if it does what you want with no risk.


Mailchimp™ is a leader in HTML Email Marketing. They have clients like Canon, Firefox, General Motors and Intel and they comply with all the SPAM regulations. Emails sent using Mailchimp can be personalised and will look much better than ones you could make yourself.

Graith Internet have integrated Mailchimp with OSCommerce (and now Loaded7) so that when your customer creates an account (for the checkout process), if they tick the Newsletter box, their first name, last name and email address are automatcally sent to your Mailchimp mailing list using the Mailchimp API.

Mailchimp Loaded7 Addon

If they edit their account and unsubscribe, that cancellation is automatically sent to Mailchimp too so you'll automatically have an up-to-date list of people who are happy to receive email marketing material from you.

Once you've exported the customer list that are already subscribed to your mailing list, the Mailchimp database will never be out of date.

Analytics 360

When you use Mailchimp to send a campaign email, it sends a unique URL to every customer. If a customer clicks on the link and then buys something from your site, the product and all the finance values are sent to Mailchimp which analyses it. You can see how many people opened your campaigns and clicked the links, plus instant ROI results for every email campaign you send.

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Just download the ZIP file and use FTP to put the extracted folder under the "addons" folder in your LoadedCommerce (L7) website. The website needs the normal requirements for running Loaded7 plus the PHP mcrypt extension (present with most installs).
Note: This software is not for CRELoaded 6.x or OSCommerce


The latest version is

The addon has been tested with Loaded CORE version andLoaded Pro

If the software is updated, you will get an email (to your paypal email address) about the update.

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