Connector addon : Google Sitemap

Generate a dynamic Sitemap XML file for Search Engines.

Details defines an XML file format which tells search engines the web address of every page on the website that should be visited by their "spiders". This addon generates a dynamic XML file for every category and every product on your site so that you can be sure Google knows about everything you sell.

Loaded7 Google Sitemap Install
Loaded7 Google Sitemap Configuration

Google "Google Webmaster Tools", login and access Crawl / Sitemaps:
Add Sitemap from the provided URL.
Every product category and product details page will then be crawled by Google.

There was a problem with v1.0.0 of this addon, so if you're using this version, please upgrade.


Just download the ZIP file and use FTP to put the extracted folder under the "addons" folder in your LoadedCommerce (L7) website. The website needs the normal requirements for running Loaded7 plus the PHP mcrypt extension (present with most installs).
Note: This software is not for CRELoaded 6.x or OSCommerce


The latest version is 1.2.0

The addon has been tested with Loaded CORE version andLoaded Pro

If the software is updated, you will get an email (to your paypal email address) about the update.

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