Checkout addon : Email Update

Enhance the emails sent by your website to include a logo and properly formatted HTML text.


Compare the old order emails you might send with the new ones this addon allows you to send:

You create a logo for your store (you probably already have one) and store it as a gif, jpg or png in the addons/Email_Update directory and set the background color for the graphic in the configuration and that's all there is to it. Order emails are converted to look like the above and Order Status Emails and any other emails sent from your website have the logo at the top and look much prettier in HTML.

The Image is embedded as CSS so there's no missing image because the email package will always display this type. If you don't want a logo, just delete the placeholder graphic.

It costs nothing to install this addon so if you don't like what it does for you or if you find it too complicated to set up, you will have lost nothing but a few minutes.


Just download the ZIP file and use FTP to put the extracted folder under the "addons" folder in your LoadedCommerce (L7) website. The website needs the normal requirements for running Loaded7 plus the PHP mcrypt extension (present with most installs).
Note: This software is not for CRELoaded 6.x or OSCommerce


The latest version is 1.0.0

The addon has been tested with Loaded CORE version andLoaded Pro

If the software is updated, you will get an email (to your paypal email address) about the update.

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