Admin addon : Zone Setup

This FREE addon makes it easy to add popular Zone groups


Just Install the addon:

Royal Mail Parcelforce World Zones

  • Zone 5 Republic of Ireland
  • Zone 6 Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
  • Zone 7 France, Germany, Denmark,
  • Zone 8 Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece
  • Zone 9 Rest of Europe
  • Zone 10 USA, Canada
  • Zone 11 Far East, Australasia,
  • Zone 12 Rest of the World World Zones

European Union

  • EU - All countries in the European Union

Click the Setup buttons and you get:

Note: If the zone name already exists, it will not be created


Just download the ZIP file and use FTP to put the extracted folder under the "addons" folder in your LoadedCommerce (L7) website. The website needs the normal requirements for running Loaded7 plus the PHP mcrypt extension (present with most installs).
Note: This software is not for CRELoaded 6.x or OSCommerce


The latest version is 1.0.1

The addon has been tested with Loaded CORE version andLoaded Pro

If the software is updated, you will get an email (to your paypal email address) about the update.


We've decided to give away this addon and we will charge you nothing