KashFlow and then read the details."> KashFlow and then read the details." />

Accounting addon : KashFlow

See KashFlow and then read the details.


Once your ecommerce business is running smoothly and the number of orders increases, doing the paperwork for the business becomes more time-consuming. KashFlow is software in-the-cloud that's always up to date and always available. It keeps track of all payments into and out of the business and accounting tools and reports to manage that side of the business.

Getting your OSCommerce or CRELoaded orders and customer details into KashFlow is easy using this software. When you're ready to do your accounts, just go to this new admin page and all the orders and customers will be sent automatically to your KashFlow account.

We're looking for users who want to help develop this addon so we can launch something exceptional to the community. Contact us if you're interested.