If you have a question, please ask it so we can answer it for you and for others...

Free Trials

LoadedCommerce (at the time of writing) still has a lot they want to develop with the software and their addon store is not yet ready to offer 3rd party addons to the customer base. We wanted to get ahead of the game on this, so had to launch this site to do it.

Having looked at the possibilities, we decided that with ionCube encryption (already used by Loaded7), we could protect our code and that made possible having totally free trial software. We can set the duration of the trial period and only on the right date does the software need to have a valid serial key.

Our software does "talk" to our webserver to do this however, so the website needs to be connected to the internet (apart from a development environment on a laptop while travelling, this shouldn't be a problem). We also hope to be able to tell the software when an update / bugfix / enhancement is available so you can get the latest version. We're hoping that LoadedCommerce implements this.

Free Upgrades for Life

When you buy an addon from this site, you're paying for the software to be used on the site, but if the software gets upgraded, you can get notified and you may download the upgraded software to install on the site at no additional cost....Forever. Make sure you sign up for the mailing list to get notified.

Why aren't you offering your addons on the Loaded Commerce Store for easy install?

We will be offering our addons from within the addon store, but LoadedCommerce aren't ready for them yet, so this store is offering them early and with more detail about what you get to offer confidence and get you going early and quickly.

Most of the addons come from customisation of CRELoaded sites we've done over the years so they've got a good pedigree.

Will the addon work in Spanish? Do you have the XXX Language Translation?

Our language skills remain within the range of computer programming languages we know. If you have a good knowledge of english and another language, please feel free to translate the en_US.xml language file and send it to us for $20 USD off the addon. (Please don't just use the Google Translate service)

Do you have a XXXX Payment Module?

We've done a numbe of payment modules for OSCommerce, so if you can find it on graith.co.uk we'll probably be moving it over to Loaded Commerce.

Why haven't you already offered the XXXX addon?

The code behind the LoadedCommerce 7 platform is very different and there's a new user interface. Each addon needs quite a bit of work to prepare it for Loaded7. Be patient and it will be soon....and let us know you're interested and we might get to it sooner

Are you going to offere a Brightpearl Interface

The interface between Brightpearl and OSCommerce was the most complex addon we've ever written and the code for the new version would need to be totally rewritten. If there's enough interest we'll do it, so let us know.

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes. Just use the form on the Contact Us page and we'll add you to our Mailchimp mailing list. You can opt-out at any time.